Tracy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business and improve their marketing. She spent many years in corporate marketing before starting her own business 10 years ago.

Tracy’s entrepreneurial journey began as a franchise owner. Using her sales and marketing skills, Tracy built up a territory that was close to shutting down into one of the top grossing territories in the North America.  As a mentor and recurring speaker at the annual international franchise conferences, Tracy helped other franchisees improve their sales and marketing strategies.  Tracy was also recognized with numerous awards for both leadership and sales excellence at these conferences.

After operating her franchise for eight years, Tracy decided to take her marketing skills and passion for mentoring from something she did on the side to her full-time focus.

Tracy understands how the expansion of digital marketing offers both challenges and opportunities for small business owners. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs master the ever evolving world of digital marketing and grow their business with less hassle and frustration.

Marketing GPS: Navigating your Marketing for Faster and Greater success in 60 Days

Whether you are just starting out or if your feel like you’ve stalled out, I’ll help you develop a plan to super-charge your marketing in 60 days. Stop trying everything and learn to focus on what is most important to your business and customers.

Our self-guided course won’t leave you feeling abandoned.  With Marketing GPS, we will walk you through developing a marketing strategy and tactical plan that fits your business and customers. Each lesson and module builds on the next, allowing for an easy-to-follow comprehensive marketing course.

It’s not about chasing the newest marketing tool, but finding the right channels for you to connect with your customers. Marketing GPS is not a theory course, it gets down to the nuts and bolts so you can get to implementing.

I am passionate about creating marketing programs that are simplified, streamlined and deliver results. Now, let’s take the hassle and stress out of your marketing and focus on growing your business.

Want to implement faster?

Join our VIP Marketing GPS Course and receive 3 one-hour consulting sessions.  I will personally review your GPS workbook and provide you with tools, advice and encouragement to ensure your marketing strategy and tactical plan gets you to your goals in the fastest, most streamlined manner.

Social Media Wrapped-Up

Social media can be an effective way of building community, growing your brand and selling your products and services.  However, if not done right, it can be a time drain and a waste of time and money.  Did you know, social media can even hurt your brand if you are not careful?

If you are just starting to use social media for your small business or you have been using social with little-to-no success, let me help you.  The Social Media Wrapped-Up course will walk you through social media strategies, what you should be measuring, what to post and when, how to build community and how to create a following and strong brand online.

Not only will I walk you through this course, and provide you set-by-step images, I will also provide you with templates that will help you implement and manage your social media strategy.

Do you ever struggle with where to start when marketing your business? Do you wish someone would just tell you what to do and you could just do it? Well this marketing course is for you. This is not a marketing theory class. This is a marketing doing class.

In four hours, I’ll help you set your focus, determine what marketing channels to use, what social media platforms are right for your business, what content to develop and how to measure your marketing program’s success.

I will guide you through developing a marketing plan that is right for your business, a plan that you can begin implementing as soon as you leave our workshop.

How well are your franchisees at implementing your brand at the local level?

As a franchise you work hard to attract franchisees, while also promoting your brand to customers. But, how well are your franchisees at implementing and promoting the brand you have worked so hard to create?

As a top-performing [former] franchisee, marketer and course creator, I know how to translate the corporate brand to make a positive impact in the local markets, creating a win-win for everyone in the organization.

Learn More about how Tracy to help your franchise grow through training your local territories.

I like that she is willing to share successes and things that didn't work out. She is very knowledgeable and very open. I enjoyed the course. She has a good vibe.

Carmella Wilson
Anchored in Roofing

Tracy is knowledgeable, competent and very flexible in her approach. She brings great ideas at the strategic level and a wonderful ability to execute at the tactical level. I really like the creative solutions that I get from Tracy.

Shannon Carver
Lean Leaders Plus

She sets a focus and synthesizes the information helping me to focus on the direction I should be going with my business.

Debbie Press
Debbie Press Personal Training

Tracy performed an analysis of the existing CESG branding, marketing and image. From this it was discovered that with the re-branding effort CESG would need updates in its digital, social and public presence. Tracy created and helped execute a plan to support CESG's business goals. Today our new brand is being embraced internally, going to improve morale and productivity.

Danny Espino
Critical Electric Services Group

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