3 Simple Steps to Generating Leads Online

By TracyMoore | Lead Generation

May 15

Marketing is changing, and even if you are generating leads through direct sales, networking events and referrals, you may be leaving money on the table by not scouting potential targets online. Digital Marketing is all about three things, getting the ideal customer to know, like and trust you.​

Online marketing is becoming the most effective way to generate leads with the least investment. One reason is due to the push and pull method of marketing.

With a push method, you are essentially selling your goods and asking someone to buy. You can use advertising which goes to many or you can use one-to-one methods. Push marketing may seem more direct and can make business owners feel more in control. However, this form can be both expensive and time consuming.

The limitations with the push method, sometimes referred to as outbound, is that by using traditional marketing methods you are restricted by space and time. It is difficult to target a single audience and therefore you waste marketing dollars on those outside of your ideal customer. If you are using networks and sales professionals you are limited by the number of people you can reach in a day, even with a good network system.

A pull method, sometimes referred to as inbound marketing,  attracts customers to you. This method has an exponential effect and helps you attract better qualified leads with less investment in resources. Using digital marketing you can be more specific with who you target, making the most out of your marketing investment. In addition, with the digital pull method, you attract people to your business who may be outside of your realm of influence. Often times these prospects come to your business as better qualified and more ready to buy.

The digital pull method is comprised of three steps: Attract, Establish Authority, Build Trust.

Attracting the Right Audience to Generate Leads Online

You need to gain the attention of your potential prospects and that starts by getting noticed. This isn't done by spending a lot of money on ads, being boisterous, or making exorbitant claims. It's simply done by figuring out what your customer cares about and what issues are giving them the most pain.

If you aren't clearly in tune with your audience, or you are targeting too broad this may take some time. You will need narrow down your audience and gain better insight into what makes them take notice. If you are new to this process, Download the Guide to Developing An Ideal Customer Profile to help you get started.

In the attract stage you are going to use social media, digital advertising and compelling content to get noticed. Start by addressing a single issue of your ideal client and share a quick win or solution to this issue.

If you want to know more about how to choose and use content to engage an audience, visit my blog: How to Effortlessly Create Marketing Content That Drives Leads.

Establish Yourself As An Authority to build Likability Online

The attraction stage is just where people begin to notice your content or social posts, but they may not be fully engaged with your business and brand. In the authority stage you want to take them from simple curiosity to engagement.

You do this my moving your posts and content from simply addressing a problem your audience is facing, to demonstrating how to solve that issue. You will describe processes, steps and results. Stories, testimonials and statistics work well as this stage.

Become a Trusted Advisor to Move Online Leads to Paying Loyal Customers

During the final stage of the digital pull strategy, you are bringing your customer in closer. In this stage you share case studies, how-to's and systems. You may even find that this stage you move your customer from social media and content, to webinars, events or one-to-one consultations. For some businesses this stage may result in developing a proposal, involving outside sales, or physically visiting the customer's facility.

If you have effectively walked the customer through all three stages, this sales process should be much simpler and a natural next step in the relationship.

Bringing the Process Together

For some of you, adding a pull strategy to an existing push strategy will allow you to reach beyond your current prospect base. For others of you, the digital marketing pull strategy will become a majority of your lead generation as it brings in better qualified customers in amore time and cost effective manner.