4 Lies About Marketing That Are Killing Your Business

By TracyMoore | Marketing

Apr 27

Frustrating. There is no other word (at least that can be said in this blog) for marketing efforts that just don't produce leads. Your marketing troubles may be coming from long-held fallacies that you believe. Changing your view of marketing and how it works for your business can make a difference, not only in your ROI (return on investment), but on your business' ability to grow.

Below are the four most common fallacies I hear. While some of these statements may have been true years ago, believing these myths now will only stifle your business.

If any of these statements sound familiar, you need to change your view and change your strategy.

1. I can't grow my business without being... everywhere.

Do you believe that you must be on page one of Google to make an impact? Are you chasing the latest shiny marketing tool like video, blogging, posting on Facebook, buying pay-per-click advertising, starting a podcast... and so on?

Do you feel burned out from being everywhere? Do you find marketing consistency an impossible task because keeping up with each post, blog and platform takes up too much time when you should be 'working'?

Truth is, being everywhere may be as bad as being nowhere. It's hard to develop a following if you are jumping from one platform to another. It can be so time consuming that your marketing appears in fits and starts.

Good news! You don't have to be everywhere to make an impact. Go deep with your content and not wide. Most importantly determine how you like to communicate: written, video, social media, etc. Match that with where your customers hang-out online. Work a few marketing channels, schedule out posts, be authentic, and give yourself a break.

2. I don't need a (website, social media, content) because my customers wouldn't/doesn't go there.

Think about the last place you stood in line, or waited anywhere. What was everyone doing? Staring at their phone. Not really their phone, but the computer inside their phone.

Think about the last time you decided to check out a new restaurant, find a new hair stylist, buy a car, find a plumber or make any substantial buying decision. Didn't you consult the internet?

Your customers are no different. You may not have a product or service that gets searched online like one would do to find a dog walker. However, my guess is that your business solves a problem. Customers are looking online for a solution to their problems. Producing content that ranks in the listings is a great way for you to send up the flag of your business. This content can be shared via social media, paid or unpaid. It can also appear in the listings of Google with paid or unpaid ads.

Even if you sell large projects that are RFP (request for proposal) based to a very specific target audience, your buyer will still want to learn more about you. Your public persona is what you post on social media and on your website. It's the case studies, testimonials and thought provoking information that can make the difference in you getting the contract, or not.

Unless you are top secret and don't want to be found, there isn't any reason not have a website and presence on at least one social media site.

3. Who knows if marketing works, it can't be measured.

You name it, I've heard it; you can't measure...social media, advertising, web traffic, impact of emails and so on. Well, I'll admit 20 years ago it was much more difficult, but technology has changed that. The truth is with the right technology and tracking systems you can get very specific on who is engaging with your website, social media posts or reading your emails.

I know that as consumers we can find this all a bit creepy. However, as a business owner you can take this data and ensure you are targeting the right information to the right audience. That you are creating the goods and services your customers want. Best of all you can get specific enough with your marketing to calculate your ROI (return on investment).

Not only will you know what is working, you will know how much you are making on your investment.

4. Marketing is as much luck as it is strategy.

Of all the areas of running a business, marketing has changed the most in the past five years. Actually, it is changing monthly, even weekly. This can make it appear to be confusing, a matter of luck, perplexing and frustrating.

Even the best and smartest entrepreneurs need help maneuvering the new buying landscape. As our customers change, and they are, we as business owners must adjust the way we engage and communicate with our customers. If we chose to stay the same, our customers will still change.

Marketing is not magic, nor is it just luck. There is a method to the marketing madness, but it may be more different than what you are use to. I honestly believe it comes down to understanding the new landscape and creating a process.

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