5 Tips To Break Through Social Media Clutter

By TracyMoore | Social Media

May 30
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Social Media is a necessity of most businesses, however breaking through the clutter to get noticed is a challenge. Many companies dream of a 'going viral' campaign, but viral messages are difficult to create, even more difficult to control, and can often backfire.

The secret to breaking through the clutter is creating the right message, to the right audience that generates a reaction. Most social media algorithms will help promote a post, tweet or pin that receives likes, shares and comments quickly after being posted. If your post stays quiet without some love from your followers, don't expect the social media platform to give your much organic reach.

Below are five ways to increase the likelihood of getting your social media posts noticed . After all, if your audience isn't seeing your posts, tweets, videos, images and pins, what is the point in creating the content?

1. Choose the Right Platform

Most business owners gravitate to the social media platforms they are most comfortable using. This can be good, because you are more likely to use marketing channels you understand and are familiar with. However, if your audience is not engaged on those platform, you're not going to see results.

One of the best ways to discover what social media sites your customers and prospects are using is to ask them. You may also want to check out your competition's social media use and determine where they are finding success.

2. Speak the Language of Your Audience

Most social media platforms use a news feed format to share information. As users scroll through their feed they stop on topics, videos and images that interest them. As a business owner you are competing with vacation and graduations photos and cat videos.

To break through the clutter use the language that elicits the emotions of your audience. Think about their fears and challenges, and excitement. The better you connect with your audience the better they will connect with you.

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Speak to your audience's pain points and your solution

3. Get Visual

Good visuals have always been important in marketing, but now it is even more important. Make sure you are using quality photos that are not grainy. Ensure photos are cropped to fit each platform. Some are horizontal, some vertical, some are square. Each social media platform will provide you the photo dimensions in pixels.

To take your visuals up a notch, consider using video. You can use everything from a video created on your smart phone to one professionally produced. What is most important is that you have good lighting and sound.

Since 80% of people begin watching a video on mute, consider adding subtitles. This can easily be created and edited on YouTube or on Facebook for their Live videos.

Both visually appealing and offers a call to action

4. Post with a Purpose

There are several things that separate personal social media and business social media, but the one that stands out the most is to have a purpose. Rather than just posting whatever is on your mind, your posts should do at least one of the following:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Insight Action

The ultimate goal with all marketing is to build awareness, build trust, create a prospect or a customer. Your social media posts should always have a point whether it is eliciting a feeling about your brand or clicking a link to buy.

5. Make it Readable

Have you seen the posts that look like a 1,000 word article or a post with no message at all? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a formula that helped you know how much you should write on your posts for each social media platform? You are in luck, because that posting guide has been created for you.

For example we all know that there are 140 characters allowed on Twitter, but how many characters are best for getting a re-tweet? On Instagram hashtags are taking over, but how many are allowed, and how many should you use?

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