About Tracy

Markets and Buyers Are Changing.

As a marketer for over 20 years, Tracy has seen more change in marketing in the past five years than she has in her entire career. As an entrepreneur and marketer she’s even experienced some of her own challenges as she shifted her strategies and tactics to be more in-line with how consumers are researching and buying goods and services in the digital marketplace.

It’s All In The Process.

When her go-to marketing strategies and tactics stopped producing results, Tracy shifted her game. She researched the most successful businesses using digital marketing and discovered what all had in common; the secret is not in the individual pieces, but in the process and culmination of tying all the marketing activities together for maximum impact.

Putting the Pieces Together to Achieve Results.

Knowing that small business owners are looking for marketing solutions that are both budget and time-friendly, Tracy began putting together processes and systems to help owners maximize their marketing results without taking valuable time away from their day-to-day activities. She noticed so many of her clients were  doing many things right, however their marketing efforts did not tie together properly and did not work to convert social media fans and website visitors into actual customers. With a few small changes and greater consistency, business owners can see real results and lead generation from their marketing efforts.

Growing Small Businesses and Franchises.

Tracy is sharing her marketing knowledge and processes with small business owners and franchises through online and live courses, training and consulting to create sizable marketing results.