Branding Essentials for Franchises

Your First Step to a Successful Franchise is Creating a Brand That Can Be Implemented Locally

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Success of Local Units = Success of the Overall Franchise System

  • Increase Franchise Revenue without Selling More Units
  • Less turnover, sales and closures of local territories
  • Increase revenue locally and in the overall system
  • Happier Franchisees and fewer complaints
  • Stronger brand supporting territory growth

About Tracy Moore

Tracy Moore

Tracy is a marketing and brand specialist dedicated to helping Franchises and Franchisees improve their marketing for overall system growth.

Early in Tracy Moore's career she worked as the marketing coordinator for a beauty franchisor with over 60 units. After leaving this firm Tracy went on to obtain her Master of Business Degree and spent her next 15 years in corporate marketing. With a strong desire to start her own business, Tracy purchased a dormant franchise territory dedicated to servicing families and schools. In five years, Tracy rose to be a top producer out of over 100 units, president of the franchise council, franchise speaker on marketing topics, and a mentor and consult to other franchisees both within and outside the franchise.

In 2015, after eight years in business, Tracy sold her franchise for over six times what she paid for it. She then went on to start her own marketing firm, using the successful principles she used to grow her business, to help other small businesses thrive.

From training courses, to conference workshops, to one-on-one coaching, get help for your franchise marketing needs.

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