How to Effortlessly Create Marketing Content That Drives Leads

By TracyMoore | Content Creation

May 12

Can Marketing content generate leads for your business?

If you are suspicious if marketing content can actually generate leads, I hope this story changes your mind.

Last year I worked with a client who offers large-scale complex consulting projects. When I ask him to send me some content for a blog, he wrote nearly a 2,000 word essay. While some people like large epic blogs, this was not an epic blog. What it was, was enough content for me to create eight blogs.

Each blog was 700 – 1,000 words, and enough to create a blog series. You didn’t have to read each blog in order, but if you did, you would see our blog topics went from broad to narrow with the final blog being more of a sales pitch.

We delivered the eight blogs over a six week time frame. The blogs were housed on the client’s website, but we also distributed them through LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Result: $100K in warm leads

The Bonus:

We optimized the blog with key words, included meta-tags, photos and back-links. The result was a blog that was optimized on a search engine. Therefore, when our target audience typed in their question on Google, the answer was our blog.

You know what optimized content gets you, more leads! My client is still getting leads off those blogs a year later.

To answer your question, marketing content does work. But it must be done correctly.

Here is what you need to know to create marketing content that is:

1. Effortless to develop

2. That Generates Leads

3. Keeps Delivering Leads

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Making Marketing Content Creation Effortless Through Content Stacking

Coming up with fresh content ideas each week is overwhelming and time consuming. With content stacking you choose a topic quarterly, or if you’re a little more intense, monthly. From that primary topic, you break the content down into weekly subtopics for the quarterly plan, or semi-weekly for a monthly topic.

Each subtopic builds on the next. First start from addressing a client’s issue, slightly agitate the issue and then solve, the next content topic will do the same, but gets even more specific. Depending if you are taking the quarterly or monthly approach you will end each content series with a closing opportunity.

A closing content piece  acts more like a case study with an invite to a webinar, event, or one-on-one consultation. Write what a person can expect from following your procedures. Give examples, testimonials and other evidence.

*There is a big crackdown in making over exaggerated claims. If a result is uncommon, you will want to state that in your sale content piece.

The reason this is called content stacking, is because if read (or listen) to all information together you would find it created a single story. Each content piece is to increase your visitors interest in the topic. However, most visitors, prospects and customers will not read or listen to all of your content pieces. Therefore, you create back-links to help intertwine the story.

This concept of content stacking also supports the fact that it usually takes six to eight touches before a customer chooses to make a purchase. With the content stacking you are telling a consistent story multiple times without putting a single piece of content on repeat.

You may not want to write the full series at the same time. However, thinking through the series and developing an outline will ensure the story works together and will save you time.

Types of Marketing Content

Including the Lead Generation Element

For most entrepreneurs, content creation will help with lead generation. The goal with content should be to peak a buyer's interest, spark an emotion and then create a solution to that problem. As a business owner, you want people to begin taking action or moving along in the sales process. To do this you must do three things: create awareness, demonstrate yourself as an authority, and  build trust.

The first step is building awareness and getting your prospects to simply say, "Tell me more." Usually this is done by providing marketing content that addresses an issue faced by a potential buyer. When they find the information is of value, the visior will give you their email address. 

To continue to move a prospect through the sales process you will need to continue to provide on-going value that also builds trust.

The ultimate goal is to move a prospect through the sales funnel, so at the end they are so intrigued by what you have to offer, and they see the value, that they ask for the sale.

 Content Marketing Stacking

How is the content delivered?

This is usually done by including a hyperlink in your content. Creating a landing page with a contact form and then sending the piece of content to the lead through email. This is a process that will take some technology including: website, landing page and email.

*Look for my future blog just on this process.

Creating a Residual Lead Generator

There are a few ways to keep delivering leads through your content. The first, is though distributing the content. The most effective ways are:

o Social Media Platforms

o Email to your list

o Face Books Ads

Hopefully, by doing these three methods you will get plenty of likes, shares and comments.

The second way is through optimization. Optimization includes three steps:

1. The optimization preparation

Start with a good heading that answers your customers biggest pain point. don't forget to included back-links, keywords, photos with alt-text and meta-tags to maximize you optimization.

2. Show its value

Content that is well-received, meaning it receives plenty of likes, shares and comments, is more likely to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

3. Patience

Ranking on Google takes patience. Whether you are ranking a blog, video or website, expect the fastest results to come in 60 days, but for most content expect to wait longer.

Creating marketing content does generate results, however this strategy is not fast, but it is cumulative. The more quality content you create the better your results.

Don't just stop at content creation.  You will want to nurture the leads that you get through email and other sales processes.

By using content stacking you will find the process of content develop is not only an easy process, you will notice that it draws prospects to you, working to reduce your sales costs.

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