What Small Business Owners Should know About Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

By TracyMoore | Marketing

Mar 21

With so many marketing options these days, it can be a difficult challenge for small business owners to know the best areas for investing their time and money. While there is no one-size-fits all model, we can follow the trends of how people are consuming information.  After-all most success is found by sharing your product or service information with consumers based on where they are and what they are searching for.

Late in 2016 I attended a conference that brought together marketing and social media experts from all over the US and Canada.  Along with the topics discussed during those  two days of meetings, and a few things I am seeing in the market, I compiled a list to help small business owners know where to focus their time and money in 2017.

  1. Video is hot
    With Facebook Live, Periscope and the huge user-base on YouTube, it’s time to get on-board with video.You don’t need to invest tens of thousands in having a beautiful video produced.  Actually, all you need is a decent microphone, good lighting, and a steady hand or tripod.  People love authenticity.  Be yourself and share your talents, thoughts, expertise and products and people will appreciate, watch and share your video.An important note on videos is that 80% of people watch videos on mute. Make sure you can tell your story without audio, or add captions to your videos.  Facebook now has a feature that will add these captions to your Facebook Live videos.By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic
  1. Customer or User Experience (CX or UX) is King
    Whether it’s your website, store, customer service, or social media presence, customers will leave and not engage if they have to wade through friction. Think about always delighting your customer.Rather than thinking about what you are wanting to sell, think about what your ideal customer is looking for and how they would want to engage with your brand.  What can you offer them that is valuable even before they decide to buy.
  1. Millennials are getting older & Baby Boomers are the Fastest Growing Demographic On Social Media
    How often do you dismiss millennials thinking they are too young ?  Well, their getting older; these twenty and thirty-something’s  have buying power and their influence is becoming present for even B2B firms.  This means you will need to know how to communicate and reach them through social media.Baby Boomers age 60-70 is the largest demographic that will be joining social media in the next year. Digital mediums are allowing this generation to stay connected with friends and family.  They are also finding that being online is an effective way to learn more and search for products.  Don’t dismiss the Baby Boomers as a non-digital generation.
  1. Facebook is not dead and SnapChat is growing
    I’ve had people ask me if Facebook is going away. The answer is no. Facebook Ads are still producing great results for many businesses. Also, with the popularity of Facebook Live, there is growing engagement with this social media platform.  Therefore, Facebook is not going away, it is just evolving and your feed may begin to look different as people use this media different than they have in the past.SnapChat is not just for face swaps, it can be a great way to reach a millennial target audience. New functionality with SnapChat stories and saving a screen shot is helping this social media platform grow-up and be an effective tool for engaging a younger audience.
  1. Relevant Content is King
    Content will still be a key component of digital marketing in 2017, but as the market is flooded with more information, think about creating content that is more niche oriented. Another way to break through the content noise, is to include personality or take a position on a topic in your industry.If you are feeling stuck and would like some help organizing your content for a blog or vlog, download our free blog template guide and choose one that fits the message you want to share.